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Chinawand can
unlock your Future.

Huge Network of Capabilities 

We started our journey sourcing products for the home and garden. Our experience grew to gradually include hundreds of different products across a wide range of different industries.

You may wonder how we can source board games and boats in the same team? Well, our principles governing sustainable supply chain and in-house developed sourcing methodologies can be applied to almost any physical product. We know how to identify, communicate with and work alongside the right factory, regardless of the widget that they make.


We continue to offer our professional sourcing service to our new and existing customers and we still welcome any enquiry, no matter how weird or wonderful!

Quality assurance is essential and we take great pride in our supplied product quality. No matter the quality vs price balance sought, our customers enjoy the peace of mind dealing with a responsible supplier. 


No challenge is too large for us, so please do contact us for more information on setting up your enhanced supply chain.

Sourced Product Examples:

Well into our second decade sourcing products for hundreds of clients, please see below a short list including some highlights:

  • Interlocking Foams Mats - Top 100 selling product at leading UK home improvement retailer.

  • Artificial Turf - Installed and enjoyed at many leading Golf courses around the world, including St Andrews.

  • Hand tools and accessories - Found in many of the worlds top retailers; including: UK, Germany, New Zealand, the Middle East and more.

  • Childrens Craft Kits - Supplied to a world leader in the industry and found in stores globally.

  • Lighting products - Sold in the UK's largest lighting retailers.

  • Room Service accessories - Found in guestrooms of the worlds top hotels.

  • Animatronic, illuminated animal, dinosaur and floral displays - On show at world renowned entertainment parks.



All of the above are products required by our clients, manufactured, inspected and shipped by us. We can't wait to hear from you the products you need our help to supply.

The below images are just a tiny selection of supplied product:

Black Foam Mat Set 8pcs.jpg
Drain Unblocker (2) a.jpg
Silver duo.jpg
Panda Costumes_edited.jpg
IBF (1).jpg
Wire cutters.jpg
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