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•   COVID19 & Chinawands Response  •

Covid19 has been an unwelcome presence since late 2019, overshadowing all we do. The full force of this coronavirus was felt in China first, and has swiftly infiltrated our communities across the world.

Panic is normal at a time like this. We do not understand the virus, its effects', nor its power. We are all concerned for our nearest, dearest and the most vulnerable around us. As this virus continues unchecked, fear is natural. Many educated and experienced accounts do suggest it is very serious and we must heed the warnings.

But we should use the fear to sharpen our resolve to fight. This is a test we now face as a whole. We must all be sensible. We must all be responsible. We must prepare ourselves both emotionally and in the practical sense. We need to be ready to weather the storm for ourselves and those around us.


Lets pull together. For the sake of getting through this as quickly as possible, we need to listen to government advice, which has finally got serious.

Our company will remain open, continue working, and we are very well positioned to reach the calmer seas on the other side of this.

For our suppliers: We are working to keep orders flowing.

For our customers: We are here for you

We are ramping up our PPE supply into the UK at this time, as this is one main way we can make a positive difference to help. Please do get in touch if you need PPE for medical or critical services. You can reach me directly at info@chinawand.com.


I encourage us all to make efforts on a personal level to process the challenge that faces us stoically and responsibly. We can make it through.

Yours sincerely,

Ian J Lowsley

Managing Director

The OEM 


Welcome to Chinawand

Chinawand Managed Sourcing Co., Ltd is a fully integrated supplier of Asian manufactured product. We pride ourselves on supplying our existing ranges in combination with providing effective & fast supply of unique & new products to our customers around the world.

Basic quality assurance is essential and we take product quality very seriously. No matter the quality vs price balance sought, our customers enjoy the peace of mind dealing with a responsible supplier. 


No challenge is too large for us, so please do contact us for more information on setting up your enhanced supply chain, with Chinawand. Scroll down to learn more about us.

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Based in Shanghai since 2009, Chinawand has been providing retailers, importers and wholesalers with quality products responsibly managed & sourced from Asia's vast array of modern manufacturing facilities. Our experienced team can work with you to develop new product ranges fit for your brand and market.

At Chinawand, we’re committed to supplying clients with high quality, low cost products. With a wealth of manufacturing options, we are confident of fulfilling all tool and accessory requests.


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About Us

Chinawand has been operational since 2009 fulfilling customer orders on Hand Tools and many other ancillary items for our global customers. We strive to supply the most suitable products based on customer and market requirements. Our extensive product, manufacturing and market knowledge helps us provide the most efficient & high value supply chain solution possible. 

Where are we?

We are ideally situated in Shanghai, from here we have access to the worlds highest concentration of factories. We are constantly identifying new supplies, filtering and improving our supplier base. Sourcing reliable, diligent & ethically minded manufacturing partners is not an easy task, but we've proven Chinawand is up to it. Having HQ in China means we can react fast & satisfy our customers fast.

Other Projects

Although hand tools are our passion, we regularly work on other projects too. If you need quality products sourced & supplied from reliable & responsible factories, please do get in touch.

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We proudly serve the people of the world. Please contact us with any questions or requests regarding our products and services. We want to hear from you about how we can help you.

+86 21 6125 0152 ~ Shanghai Office

+44 (0) 7713 354616 ~ Kent, UK Office