Large Roll Barrier Tape 75mm x 500m. This is one of the strongest Barrier Tapes on the market - Using thick virgin PE film with print that does not fade, Plastic Dynamics Barrier Tape can be used for all-weather outdoor applications such as: temporary fencing, demarcation, hazard warning, event identification and much more. 


Our tape is easy to dispenser from the box provided, and is strong enough to be unwound at high speed without fear of snapping.


Includes x1 Roll Barrier Tape 75mm x 500m (Red/White) and Dispenser Box.

Barrier Tape R/W

SKU: 5060499590401
  • Plastic Dynamics® Barrier Tape 75mm x 500m is a top quality demarcation tape suitable for all weather applications. 


    Quick Facts:

    Thick PE Film (30mic), All-weather resistant, Large Roll Size, Non-Adhesive, Ideal for marking large areas fast, Quick-Dispense Box included.



    Width: 75mm

    Length: 500m

    Thickness: 30 microns

    Inner core: 76mm I/D



    PE waterproof film

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