CWMS (Chinawand Managed Sourcing Co., Ltd) excels at offering comprehensive support to companies wishing to source products safely from the Far East. Are you looking for factories to produce your products? Look no further.

Managed Sourcing means leveraging our distilled sourcing methodology to safely deliver the products you need, fast, affordably and on-spec. It means we are your supplier; the only one you will need.

Our unique ability to rapidly develop opportunities, dilligently manage production & remedy problems allows CWMS to manage the overseas supply chain, so you don't need to.


At CWMS, we are committed to supplying clients with high quality, competitive products. With a wealth of manufacturing options, we are confident of fulfilling new product requests.


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Where are we?


We are ideally situated in Shanghai. From here, we have access to the worlds highest concentration of factories. We are constantly filtering and improving our supplier base.


Sourcing reliable, diligent & ethically minded manufacturing partners is not an easy task, but CWMS is a proven leader in this field. 


Having our HQ in China means we can react promptly & satisfy our customers fast.

Other Projects

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We regularly work on new and exciting projects with creative customers.

If you need quality products sourced & supplied from reliable & responsible factories, please do get in touch.


About Us

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  • CWMS work hard to save your business money, time and hassle by helping to manage your supply chains with our local presence in China. 

  • Our experienced team work with you to develop responsibly sourced, high quality product ranges, fit for your brand and markets.

  • Extensive manufacturing and market knowledge helps us provide the most efficient & high value supply chain solution available. 

  • Headquartered in Shanghai, with offices in Kent, we have been providing retailers, brands, importers and wholesalers with quality manufactured goods since 2009.


We proudly serve the people of the world. Please contact us with any questions or requests regarding our products and services. We want to hear from you about how we can help you.

+86 21 6125 0152 ~ Shanghai Office

+44 (0) 7519 006344 ~ Kent, UK Office

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